About Personal Training

Paramount’s personal training is just that—it’s personal. Working exclusively with one of our expert trainers, you’ll receive regular assessments of your capabilities, and we’ll create a customized workout around your needs. Every time you come in, you’ll get the dedication and attention necessary to improve the areas on which you should focus. Over time, you’ll discover a stronger, faster, and more awesome you. Paramount Personal Training is open to people of all walks of life. So regardless of your age, weight, or goals, we can work with you.

Our specialties include:

  • Weight Loss

  • Nutrition

  • Strength Training

  • Corrective Exercises & Improving Posture

  • Training for Races (5Ks, marathons, and everything in between)

  • Workout Regimens for Seniors (aged 65+)

  • Exercises for Pre-­ and Post­-Natal Mothers







Megan, Ryan


Abby, Eric, Greg, Jasmine


1 Session

6 Sessions

12 Sessions

24 Sessions


$540 ($90/Session)

$1,020 ($85/Session)

$1,920 ($80/Session)


$450 ($75/Session)

$840 ($70/Session)

$1,560 ($65/Session)


$360 ($60/Session)

$660 ($55/Session)