Be [Healthier] at Work

There are a number of things you can do to be healthier at work.  We are going to focus on three things that you can do today to make your work life healthier that doesn't require buying anything (except groceries that you normally would have to buy), or change anything in your work environment.  



First thing that we prioritize is breathing.  As a society, we stress breathe all day long, with shallow breaths into our chest.  We try to reset our clients breathing patterns by practicing diaphragmatic breathing.  Learn more about the benefits of breathing here.

Click on the link to watch some breathing exercises you can try at your desk today.  



Even if you workout every day, you're still spending hours sitting or standing at desk using a computer.  Add these few stretches into your daily routine and see the benefits from increased flexibility, improved posture and potentially decreased pain in areas like your lower back.



As we approach the holiday season starting with Halloween, we are bombarded with unhealthy food everywhere we turn.  If you have simple, delicious meals you can bring to work for breakfast & lunch, you'll be less likely to depend on fast food, leftover candy or starving yourself during the day.  

These are some of our favorite meals (and about 5 ingredients!) that you can prep on a Sunday and enjoy all week. 

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