You're Awesome

First, let it be known we think you’re awesome. But even if you’re at the furthest reaches of your awesomeness, you can always become a little more awesome. And we believe Paramount can help you extend the limitations of what makes you so great.

Here at Paramount, we have one goal—to help you become more awesome. And that means helping you become stronger, move better, and feel your best. We want you to be absolutely confident in your movements. You might wonder why we’re so invested in this. Well, we believe feeling great about your body and mind is the best way to achieve ultimate awesomeness. And that pays dividends to the world around you.  

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Basically, if you feel awesome, you’ll be able to keep up with your kids, love your significant other, enjoy life, and crush it at work. In turn, that helps everyone else aspire to be just as awesome as you. Your awesomeness is inspirational and infectious, so get out there and help the world be a little more awesome. We deserve it. 

Teammate of the Month | Emily T

Brains and brawn. It’s an unstoppable combination. In fact, most of us would be lucky just to claim one of these attributes. But this month’s athlete has both. She’s Emily Twichell, Ph.D. Though a self-professed “nerd,” she’s really a professor of badassery. 


We recently caught up with Emily, and she was kind enough to grant us an interview. Now, it’s your turn to get to know her better.

First off, where did you grow up? 

Just outside of Rochester, New York.

What do you do for a living? Could you walk us through a typical day?

I’m a Change Management consultant, which means I spend most of my time helping business leaders implement changes more effectively, all without driving employees crazy.

When do you typically work out?

[I attend] 6:15 pm night classes as well as a Saturday or Sunday workout here and there.

What’s your favorite Logan Square eatery?

It’s cliché, but I have to say Parson’s on a nice day…when you don’t have to wait hours.

What’s your favorite place to grab an adult beverage?  

I’m a sucker for the ‘70’s vibe at Heavy Feather.

What are some of your favorite things to do (besides working out obviously)?

I like to travel. I spend a lot of my weekends visiting friends and family. Recently, I went to Costa Rica, and I’m now planning trips to Hong Kong, Thailand, and Cambodia in the fall.

What’s something about you that your fellow gym buddies might not know?

I’m a fairly big nerd. I have a Doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which is a fancy name for what I explained above.

Why did you first start coming to Paramount?

I was doing a lot of yoga at the time, but it wasn’t helping me reach my fitness goals. I knew these [Paramount] classes would be higher intensity, and they would create accountability to work out on a more regular basis. I was right!

What can you do now in workouts that you couldn’t do before?

I had never done rowing before starting at Paramount. Unfortunately, as soon as I started liking it, I sprained my ankle and can’t row for a while. 

Favorite exercise/workout?

So hard to pick just one! I like doing any type of circuit training with different exercises at each station – it’s fun and goes by super quickly.

Okay, it’s time for our famed “Desert Island Q&A.” If you were stuck on one, what would you bring of the following?

Movies and/or TV Shows:

I love thrillers and crime drama TV, so Law & Order SVU, the Killing, the Fall, and Sherlock Holmes to name a few.


I can’t re-read books, but probably some kind of historical fiction.


If it’s not likely I’m getting off the island, and I somehow have an endless supply of grilled cheese, I’m going to eat it.


Mix of classic rock and alternative/indie tunes.

Push yourself. Then push it real good.

When you hear me talking about the importance of “proper breathing” and “proper technique,” you’re usually hitting it hard at the gym, not necessarily hittin’ it. But today, I’m here to tell you that all those positions you contort yourself into at Paramount can actually translate to the bedroom. It goes without saying there are many benefits to exercising, the most obvious being having more energy, getting stronger, losing weight, and improving confidence. And unless you’re a Puritan from the Mayflower, you’ll also be happy to know that exercise can radically improve your sex life. Adding in daily movement, strength training, and corrective exercises can even make sex more fun. Below, you’ll find five reasons why. So, without further ado, let’s hit it (and never quit it).

More Energy = More Sex
Pretty nice math huh? The reason behind this is that exercise gives you more energy. More energy means more sex. And more sex is more fun. It’s true. If you’re overwhelmed with work, life, or family responsibilities, the prospect of adding in more movement sounds nearly impossible. But give this a whirl--add in a five-minute dance party before dinner or try a few yoga poses before bed. Evaluate how you feel afterward. I’ll bet you’ll find that you have more energy.  

Improved Confidence = Feeling Sexier
I don’t know about you, but I feel my sexiest after a hard workout. If you can overlook the irony of feeling sexy while sweaty and tired, you’ll understand that I feel stronger, more confident, and ready to accomplish anything. Even the mattress mambo. After all, lifting heavy weights is a great way to make you feel empowered. That’s why all of our small group classes include 20 minutes of strength training with bench press, shoulder press, deadlift, or squat. Once you perfect your form with us, you’ll feel like a confident, sexy badass. And no one can resist that!

Increased Flexibility = Better Moves  
Yoga can definitely improve your strength and flexibility. So too can daily stretches, corrective exercises, and--presumably your favorite--foam rolling. I’ve had some friends tell me they need to stretch before they jump into bed. I get it. That’s why I tell them to add more movement and stretching into their day-to-day routine.

Improved Cardio = Longer Sessions
Heck ya! I don’t think I need to elaborate here, but those 20 minutes of cardio we do at Paramount isn’t just for outrunning zombies. It’s for bringing a big smile to your partner as well. 

Stronger = Less Pain
Let’s keep discomfort only to the whips and chains, shall we mistress? Natural joint or muscle pain is no fun. I’ve found that improving core strength can reduce any naturally occurring aches, especially in the back.   

There you have it. Some of the best sex advice you’ll ever receive. And from now on, when I see you walk into Paramount with a big smile on your face, I’ll know why. You’re welcome.  

February Thoughts

Here is what Alex and I are up to this month.

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