Teammate of the Month | Lev N

Teammate of the Month

Have you met Lev Naginsky? Unless you’re working out late on weeknights, chances are you have not. And that’s a shame. He’s a truly interesting guy, and so we want you to get a chance to know him better. Then, should your paths cross sometime soon, you can ask him all about his travels and possibly even offer your recommendations on good survival-themed books. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the life of Lev.


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Russia, and I lived in Israel from ages 4 to 7. I lived in Canada from ages 7 to 12, and I grew up in Arlington Heights from the time I was 12.

What do you do on a typical day?

I'm a financial analyst at Fieldglass. Most of my day is spent analyzing variances and updating budgets and forecasts in Excel spreadsheets.

When do you typically workout?

I usually workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:15pm. I really wish I could go more frequently.

What’s your favorite place in Logan Square to eat?

The Longman & Eagle.

What are some of your favorite things to do (besides working out obviously)?

I like to travel. I’ve been to England, France, Portugal, and Japan as well as a bunch of different US cities in the last 12 months. I also enjoy golfing, trying new restaurants, cooking, and watching hockey.

What’s something about you that people at the gym might not know?

I hold citizenship in three different countries (well, technically four). It's like being a spy without the cool life.

Why did you first start coming to Paramount?

I used to live about 200 yards from Paramount, and I used to walk by it every day for six months before thinking I should walk in. I was out of shape for most of my life, and I finally felt like I should do something when I was getting winded just walking to the bus stop. Coming up on my one year anniversary, I'm approximately 55 pounds lighter and I feel fit and strong for the first time in my life.

What can you do now in workouts that you couldn’t do before?

I can row 2000m without stopping! I’m also generally more mobile, more flexible, and have way more energy.

What’s your favorite exercise?

For strength, I enjoy the bench press. For conditioning, though it kicks my ass every time, I enjoy pushing the sled.

Deserted Island Q&As
If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you bring of the following?

Movies / TV shows - Game of Thrones, Westworld

Books - I bet there's a “Surviving on a Deserted Island for Dummies” published somewhere.

Food - I'd never get tired of sushi or a good piece of steak.

Music - I like a lot of different music, but nothing specific. Can I bring my iPhone with Spotify and podcasts? I feel like a lot of these could be solved by being resourceful and just bringing an iPhone, and being able to keep it charged.