Ask Paramount Anything: 3.27.19

Q.03.2019: Is it more effective between doing a certain muscle groups on certain days vs a “fully body” workout? Or, do these two techniques simply target different goals?

For a general fitness client there are benefits to both of these things. A split routine will generally allow you to focus more on the development of specific muscle groups or body parts and move heavier weight. Total body routines will allow you to hit more muscle groups multiple times per week and will generally burn a few more calories than you would doing a split routine.

All that being said your reps, sets, rest period and nutrition are probably more of a predictor of you results than how you split things up. At Paramount we use a ton of different programming schemes for different clients. I often do a hybrid program where I focus on a specific lift as opposed to a muscle group and then finish up with less intense total body work.

Earlier in my career, I was much more of a fitness snob. I would get caught up in this way being right and that way being wrong. At this point in my career my feeling is there are a bunch of ways to do it or general fitness. Try both see which you enjoy more and which gives you the results you like better. The most important things it to get of your couch get moving and be safe about it. When in doubt. Just lift heavy things.

Q.04.2019: What is your favorite exercise?

  • Alex - deadlift

  • Abby - barbell row

  • Eric - deadlift

  • Greg - bicep curls

  • Jasmine -

  • Megan - kettlebell swings

  • Ryan - beast