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Q.01.2019: How do you avoid getting hangovers?

With Saint Patrick’s Day just this past weekend, we won’t be able to help with your weekend hangover, but you can be prepared for next year. Well, the obvious answer is obviously don't drink too much. That being said here in Logan Square there is a cocktail bar on every corner. We know at some point you may be "overserved." Here are our strategies to help you avoid hangovers and be able to workout with us on weekend mornings!

  1. Stick to one main drink with minimal ingredients and avoid mixed drinks that are full of sugar.

  2. Drink water! One glass of water for one drink if you can and one before bed.

  3. Avoid shots. Stick to the rule above, one drink selection and one shot selection. Ex. Vodka soda’s and tequila shots.

  4. Don’t skip a meal to make up for all the calories from the alcohol.

  5. Alex and I are big fans of working out the day before a night of drinking and eating a good meal or two at home before going out. That helps set you up for success. For the next day, we add in a combo of the following (not necessarily everything): 7-8 hours of sleep, mineral water, emergen-c, kombucha, apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal, a good breakfast and workout to sweat a bit. Not necessarily all of those things, but a combo of them typically help us stay hangover-free. Here are some additional tips if you want to read more.

Q.02.2019: Why would you consider removing a belly button piercing?

We will get to our expert answer, but first we need to share a backstory. Back in 2010 or 2011, Alex and I made a bet about whether he could dunk a basketball. I truly believed that there was no way he could. He hadn’t been playing basketball for awhile and it seemed like an impossible feat. Loser of the bet had to get a belly button ring. And, I thought Alex would have looked great in a pink sparkly belly button ring. I even gave him a few weeks to practice.

Alex can dunk quite easily and was a good sport when I got my belly button pierced with a pink sparkly ring. I wore this for about two years before removing it at the request of my chiropractor. I was experiencing back pain, and had been since I was in high school and he thought my belly button ring was making it harder for my body to get better. That’s what I remember anyways.

Now, for Leigh’s answer to why removing my belly button ring helped me and maybe would help others too:

Any removal of obstructions in the body helps the rest of the body to heal.

“My teacher in school was not a fan of body piercings and tattoos. She believed that you were disturbing the correct flow of qi through the body. When it came to belly button piercings she felt that it blocked the reproductive system and was very harmful to women. The piercing is on the channel that is directly connected to our reproductive system. This could block the qi for healthy menstruation, conception or hormonal functions.

It can also be attributed to the midline of the body. The front midline is a reflection of the back midline. Removing any obstructions from one side will help the other.”

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