Yoga for Athletes

Now Offering Yoga!!

First, some background...  

I'm a huge fan of the benefits yoga has in my life and with my performance during workouts.  I'm usually the most inflexible person in the class, which can be intimidating, but I still go back at least once a week.  However, I wish my classes were a little more dynamic, faster pace and fun.  The zen-like atmosphere is fine, but I'd personally prefer a little more of an upbeat style.  After talking with a lot you, it sounds like you have the same thoughts.

Now, to my exciting announcement. Starting this Sunday, we are going to offer a weekly yoga class on a trial basis in the month of May.  Rachel Sierminski is going to lead the class and is really fun and awesome.  She has a strong background in yoga & runners, triathletes and other athletes.

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Yoga for athletes