Teammate of the Month | Peggy M

The regular—every gym has one. Paramount certainly does. And this one we’re more than happy to have around, all the time. She’s Peggy Mitchell. Chances are you’ve seen her, most likely kicking your ass in the workout of the day. She might move quickly, but we managed to catch up with her to get to know her a little better. So take a minute, catch your breath, and get to know Peggy— our early morning rising, long distance rowing, Dave Matthews loving Teammate of the Month.

20150805_065123 (2)

Where did you grow up?

Chicago. Southside Irish!

You’ve been a member from the beginning, starting in April 2012. What keeps you coming back week after week?  

The results. I feel I am in the best overall condition of my life.

At work, what do you do on a typical day?

I’m the director for clinical research support services at Northwestern University. A typical day is composed of being in meetings as well as planning and implementing ways to increase our research enterprise. Interpretation: I sit a lot.

When do you typically workout?

I do the really fun Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6:00 am workouts. I also do the Saturday Rowing class and Sunday Mobility class.

What are some of your favorite things to do (besides working out obviously)?

Favorite things are hanging out with my awesome kids and friends.

What’s something about you that people at the gym might not know?

I competed in swimming, synchronized swimming, and water polo for 18 years.

Why did you first start coming to Paramount?

Megan invited me to a workout to try it out, and I got hooked. I’ve been coming ever since.

What can you do now in workouts that you couldn’t do before?  

Too many things to list, but I was pretty excited when I completed the Reckless Rowathon last year.

What’s your favorite exercise / workout?  

I have a love/hate relationship with the Saturday rowing workouts. It’s my favorite but it’s also the hardest.


Okay, desert island time. If you were stuck on one, what would you bring of the following?

  • Movies / TV shows?

DVDs of the West Wing series

  • Books?

Anything James Carroll

  • Food?


  • Music?

Dave Matthews