Runner Profile: John Hammond

Sets a pr during the 2013 Chicago Marathon What inspired you to run the Chicago marathon this year?

I got a personal best at the Chicago Marathon last year (2012) and it felt like a pretty easy pace. I wanted to push harder in training and in the race to break three hours and see how much faster I could go.

How many marathons have you run? Six (Big Sur, Marine Corps, Boston Marathon twice and Chicago Marathon twice)

What is your best time? 2:51:35 at 2013 Chicago Marathon

How is training now different than your 1st marathon? My first marathon was 11 years ago and my training was limited, inconsistent and without any real structure. I had no goals for the race. Now I stick closely to a training program (Hansen Brothers method). I do more ancillary activities (personal training with Alex, lots of active stretching, foam rolling, and mobility). I now select a goal early on.

What was the best part about the race? Seeing my family on the course and after the race. They made some great signs and had fun racing around the city.

If someone is contemplating about running the Chicago marathon next year, what advice would you give them? Select a early on and train accordingly. You may need to adjust the goal, but particularly if you want to achieve a specific time, you need to train based on that pace through the whole training program. If you just want to run for fun, that’s important to know too, as the training program can be more relaxed and fun.

How did you (or how will you) celebrate this amazing accomplishment? Marathon day was an absolutely gorgeous day in Chicago, and so I spent most of it outside with my family enjoying it.