Class Rules: How to avoid burpees!

For those who have been attending classes for awhile now or if you're new, here are some new gym rules so we can get the most out of class.  These rules, when broken will result in a burpee penalty, so try to avoid breaking them!  burpees

1) Be on time:  

And on-time means shoes on, ready to go and already foam rolling or working on trouble spots at the start of the hour.  I know we are all busy and it's tough to get up in the morning sometimes, but we pack a lot in during each session and if you miss the first few minutes because you're late, you are missing out on time you should be spending on mobility and flexibility to help prevent injury.  It shows respect to me and everyone else who got there on time.

Burpee Penalty: 1 per minute late on 1st occurrence, 2 per minute late on 2nd occurrence, 3 per minute late on 3rd occurrence, etc. 

2) Show up:

If you sign-up, show up to class.  Classes are slowly growing and spots are limited. If you sign up then lay in bed instead of coming to class, you're robbing another individual of the chance to workout. Not cool!  You can download the MindBody Connect app to sign-up or cancel classes on your phone - Click Here.

Burpee Penalty: 10 for a no-show (or late cancel w/in 30 minutes of class time) on 1st occurrence & add 10 for each time after.

3) Stay positive:

Check the whining & complaining at the door.  Once you come in, we are going to work hard and you will be out of your comfort zone.  Embrace it!  Showing up is the hard part, so once you're inside the door, get excited to work!  Whining is a downer for you and those around you, lift yourself up instead.  A positive outlook will make you feel & perform better!  

Burpee Penalty: At the discretion of the coach.